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To fulfill the recommendations of the Public Health Service Guideline (The Guideline), Arizona designed and implemented a tobacco-free campus procedure to identify and recognize qualifying QUITZone Centers.  A QUITZone Center is an Arizona healthcare organization that designates itself as a tobacco-free campus and utilizes Arizona Department of Health Services resources to promote the health and safety of patients, visitors, and employees.

This initiative is managed by the HealthCare Partnership at The University of Arizona to promote, support and recognize healthcare organizations that establish tobacco-free campuses.  Recognized organizations are dedicated to the prevention and treatment of tobacco use and dependence.  In this effort, they establish and foster relationships with tobacco control partners within Arizona communities.

This initiative is part of a nationwide effort to encourage hospitals and clinics to create tobacco-free campuses and promote systems to treat patients and staff for dependence on tobacco.  It is critical for hospitals and clinics to promote and support tobacco-free campuses to include patios and parking lots as tobacco use causes many chronic diseases that places a burden on healthcare systems and robs people of their health.  Arizona is a leader in enhancing community networks to reduce the health problems of tobacco use and dependence and this initiative supports that effort.

Joining this Arizona public health commitment and receiving recognition from the State are listed under "State Centers" on left navigation.

Systems changes recommended by The Guideline state that provider education on tobacco treatment is more effective when leadership is motivated to put new policies and systems in place that promote widespread changes in provider practices for treatment of tobacco use.  This requires transforming a healthcare system that is primarily reactive, to one that is more proactive in the prevention of tobacco related chronic disease.  Research has demonstrated that more restrictive smoking bans prompt greater abstinence rates. 

As a result of these findings and due to strengthening of quality measures on addressing tobacco use among certain patients by the Joint Commission, momentum for tobacco-free healthcare ground polices has increased across the U.S. 

There are more than 1,600 U.S. hospitals and nursing homes that have implemented such policies (American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, 2009).  As of February 2008, 45 percent of US hospitals had adopted "smoke-free campus" policies.  The policy supports that all property owned or leased by the hospital, both indoors and outdoors, was smoke-free and there were no designated smoking areas on these properties. (Williams et al, 2009)

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